The E-transactions Department


The E-transactions Department strives to improve the services that the University provides for its employees, students, and academic staff - as well as its visitors and all those who benefit from its activities outside the University in an electronic way that saves time and effort. This is achieved through providing the best solutions, consultancy, applications, and programs that contribute to carrying out processes electronically. The department actualizes this through professional personnel who work with a team spirit.

The department also designs and manages the University's web portal and provides many e-services. It also strives to provide a high quality service to those who benefit from the University by technical support and care for users. The Center also works to develop and improve the skills and efficiency of the University's employees, students, and academic staff. It also strives to create a culture and environment of a high technological level to keep pace with IT, communications, and e-learning. 

The department has two units: The University website unit and the Systems Unit.