Dear visitors to the webpage of the Department of Studies and Research,

There is no doubt about the importance of investing in academic research; it is the most important factor in actualizing security in its most comprehensive sense and successful growth. Academic research is also a central factor in the classification of universities. It has become a symbol of the security of societies and advancement of countries. On this basis, the leadership of the University fully support academic research and has made it the central goal of its five-year strategic plan (2013-2018). This is a main goal of the University: Developing research capabilities and affirming the importance of benefiting from the research output in postgraduate studies to serve sustained growth. 

Based on the vision and mission of the Studies and Research Center and its role in academic security research, the Department of Studies and Research is the backbone of the Center. It encourages academic research and its development in view of its central role in the University's activities that include teaching, training, and service to the society. The Department effectively participates in actualizing the strategic aims of the Center.

The department observes and studies Security related and social problems and phenomena and researches their causes and factors and the mechanisms uses to face them through reviewed published academic work that is characterized by originality and innovativeness. This research is then published through Naif University Publishing House. The department also works on developing postgraduate research in the form of doctoral and master's degree theses and academic articles. 

Dr. Abdulnasir Abbas Abdulhadi

Head of the Department of Studies and Research