The Studies and Research Center


   Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) aims to be at the forefront of research into security sciences. This requires the most up-to-date academic and applied research into different areas of security. In addition, this requires effective communication between members of Arab and world-wide academic communities and members of the security and justice sectors of society.

    The Security Studies and Research Center at NAUSS strives to produce, strengthen and develop this academic and applied research and to make it widely available.

    The Center coordinates between the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, different regional and international governments, academic institutions and security based organizations and experts to achieve this; the center has long-established and successful relations with the above parties.

    It receives input and requests from them relating to needed areas of research into security related issues. The center then cooperates with experts from NAUSS and other academics and institutions in producing suitable academic papers, symposiums, publications and translations.

    The Security Studies and Research Center makes academic papers and publications available all over the world, and participants are invited to discuss and debate research by attending symposiums or providing other forms of input and feedback. This is achieved by constant communication between the center and relevant authorities, institutions and individuals.

   The center also produces the half-yearly academic journal The Arab Journal of Security Studies. This journal contains recent and varied research into different areas of security. It is also made available on line at the NAUSS information portal.