Aims and Tasks



- Preparing academic programs in human security that constantly keep pace with the latest academic developments

- Providing the student of human security with the academic and research skills that enable them to produce academic research that is characterized by originality and that follows a strong academic research methodology

- Building successful relations with similar departments and universities that provide higher studies in human security

- Graduating personnel who possess leadership and research skills that enable them to keep pace with the latest and most modern technical and academic developments in human security

- Spreading a culture of human security among civil institutions and other sectors and to communicate with others


- Studying advanced programs in the Department of Human Security and presenting them to the various councils within the University

- Overseeing the programs in the Department that have been approved by the University

- Cooperating with the higher councils of the University to establish new Master’s degree and Doctoral programs in human security

- Cooperation and coordination with regional and international universities in exchanging knowledge and experience by means of twinning programs

- Keeping contact with graduates in order to evaluate its programs and raise the quality of its work