Aims and Tasks


The department strives to actualize the following aims:
  1. To prepare and refine the skills of judicial personnel and lawyers who possess a wide scope of knowledge and are sufficiently qualified in Sharia and legal fields to work in sharia-based and judicial institutions.
  2. To deepen and develop justice based studies to keep pace with academic developments and to meet the needs of society, and to be committed to comparative studies between sharia and law in a form that strengthens the academic and practical abilities of students and heightens their understanding.
  3. To strengthen values of justice and spread a culture of Islamic law that is able to produce personnel that fully realize the intended benefits of sharia.
  4. To encourage specialist academic research and raise its standard and use it to help solve new issues related to Islamic jurisprudence.
  5. To provide consultation and conduct related services and studies in this specialist field for different institutions in society.
  6. To contribute to courses that train and qualify personnel, support authorship of academic literature in this field, and hold conferences, symposiums, and workshops and attend them both locally and internationally.