Department of Sharia and Law


All praise is for God, and may the peace and blessings of God be upon his messenger Muhammad and his disciples.
It makes me pleased to welcome you all, dear visitors, to the webpage of the Department of Sharia and Law in the College of Criminal Justice at NAUSS. This department was established to meet the needs of the Arab security and justice sectors for postgraduate academic studies  in sharia, law, and security based on the concept of actualizing security in all areas of life to serve security and stability in Arab countries.
The Department of Sharia and Law aims to graduate academics who are qualified in the sciences of sharia and law who will meet the requirements and needs of the job market, and who are able to compete locally, regionally, and internationally to keep pace with the latest academic and technological developments and to strengthen academic research and development in the study of the fields of Sharia and law.
The department hopes to continuously develop in its teaching and academic and administrative work to produce an exceptional environment for learning and teaching and academic research in the fields of sharia and law in order to gain the confidence of society in its work and meet the needs of the employment market for exceptional personnel in sharia and law

Dr​. Usamah Muhammad Abbas Alsulaimani
Associate Professor of Criminal Law

Head of the De​partment of Sharia and Law in the College of Criminal Justice