The aims of the College of Criminal Justice reflect the overall aims of the University and are as follows:

  1. To provide the opportunity for specialist higher studies in the fields of criminal justice and security.
  2. To give special attention to the study of Islamic criminal legislation, to increase specialist research in this area, and to work to publish and distribute it in order to serve security issues. 
  3. To develop specialist Arab security leaders who are able to lay down security policies and strategies and to plan for them and implement them practically. 
  4. To raise standards of performance in the security and justice sectors of society in order to effectively face newly developing situations in the workplace and to benefit from different international experience.   
  5. To support academic research and writing in the fields of sharia, law, and security in order to serve Arab security.
  6. To strengthen relations and the exchange of information and experience with universities, academic bodies, and specialist research centers in fields of study related to sharia, law, and security on a local, regional, and international scale.