The College of Criminal Justice


The College of Criminal Justice is one of the exceptional colleges at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences because of the leading message it carries in making Islamic legislation the basis of security and justice related studies and the importance it gives to the comparison between Islamic jurisprudence and other laws - and to research into different judicial procedures. This exceptional nature is also shown in its research into our Islamic heritage for legislative and judicial rules and principles.

The College of Criminal Justice and its various departments reflect the justice related mission of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences that it has promised to fulfill and whose principles it has promised to strengthen.

Presented here is the College of Criminal Justice for everybody who has an interest in security and justice in our Arab world and in all other parts of the world who know about the scope of this great university, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. With the passing of each day, it fulfills more and more of the goals that it was built upon and established to fulfill. It attracts the brightest and most able academic students who come from all over the Arab world. The University is exceptional with its different specializations connected to studies in Islamic legislation, law, judiciary proceedings, and security at both the level of master’s degrees and doctoral degrees – in addition to the specialist diplomas that are offered through the Department of Sharia and Law and the Department of Security Studies. Sincere and highly qualified academic staff work tirelessly and with precision, and the College is still graduating wave upon wave of female and male students who assume important posts in security and the judiciary in different Arab countries. The College is keen to maintain its achievements and make more effort in improving the quality of what it offers in all fields according to the strategy that has been laid down for it, the strategy that is part of the overall strategy of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.


College of Criminal Justice

Prof. Muhammad Abdullah Walad Muhammadan