Media Department


​In view of the need in Arab countries for exceptional abilities and skills in the field of media, the Department of Media was established in Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in 2014.
The Department of Media in the College of Social and Administrative Sciences provides a high quality program to promote the active role of the media in serving Arab society and stress its responsibility that reflects the value of people and society and that adheres to international professional standards in academic research, connecting the past to the future and predicting future events with insight and able to benefit from the experience of other nations. The development of the academic programs in the Department is a permanent policy.
The Department aims to be at the forefront of its field both in the Arab region and beyond. The Department also strives to form successful relationships with related institutions and departments in other Arab and international universities through training programs. The Department offers a Master’s Degree program and a Diploma in Media and hopes to open a doctoral program in the near future.