Sociology Department


​The Department of Sociology offers the following programs:

  • PhD in Security Sciences Specializing in Criminal Sociology
  • Master’s Degree in Sociology Specializing in Reform and Rehabilitation
  • Higher Diploma in Sociology Specializing in Rehabilitation inside Correctional Institutions

The Department aims to provide and support specialist training and education that qualifies security personnel and nurtures their creative thinking through strengthening their academic knowledge and skills. This is ultimately aimed at refining their knowledge and skills in academic research and sociological studies in order to face social problems and find successful solutions to them. Particular concentration is placed on the factors and causes of deviation, crime, social delinquency, and negative social phenomena.
This is in addition to study and research into the rehabilitation and reform of offenders that includes treatment and moral training programs. The department is also specialized in the field of crime prevention, victimology, sociological systems, social control, and social change. The Department’s activities are based on modern knowledge, principles, theories, and interpretive models in sociology and other related sciences, which are then used in analysis, interpretation, and deduction relating to sociological facts that are gained through sociological field research and studies.
The Department then works towards suggesting suitable academic and practical solutions to these problems. The Department also strives to examine the functions of social establishments and how they contribute to achieving security in its most comprehensive sense both on a national and regional scale.