The College of Computer and Information Security


Keeping pace with the latest technological developments is a main priority for both security sectors and private businesses. Criminals do not cease in their search for this technology and in using it to achieve their goals. It is our duty, therefore, to effortlessly combat their crimes with the latest and most up-to-date means.

The College of Computer and Information Security (CCIS) at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has been established to produce experts in information security and computer security through the Master's degree programs it offers.
This will enable security sectors and private businesses to protect their establishments against information crimes, and will produce a new generation of researchers in computer and information security who will strengthen and develop this academic field in Arab countries.
Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has a long history and a firm foundation in research and training in combating all types of crimes as part of its main ethos of establishing security in all areas of life. The University is recognized world-wide for its achievements and is deeply rooted in security sciences, including the fight against information crimes.
Therefore, this College has been established upon this firm foundation by which the University is distinguished and which has made it known as the meeting place for all Arab security personnel.
This College is supported by the vast crime-fighting experience of the University in all areas of security sciences and is distinguished by its ability to benefit from this experience. This enables the college to recognize the links between information crimes and other crimes; this gives the college a unique comprehensiveness in its area of specialization.
This University is generously and continuously supported by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed ibn Naif ibn Abdul-aziz, the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Head of the Council of Political and Security Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Honorary President of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers and the President of the Supreme Council of the University.
This College, with its academic support and sound leadership, looks forward to the intelligent and strong-willed people who shall join it to benefit mankind and protect them from harm, following the path of this University and its leadership.
Dr. Hasan ibn Ahmed Al Shehri
Dean of the College of Computer and Information Security
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