Crime Scene Department


This department provides background to investigate evidence including documents, scan of photographs  and impressions pertaining to crime scene. Video recording  based on still and motion photography are made which help the judiciary to examine detailed features of crime evidence, thereby shedding light on the source and perpetrators involved in committing the crime.
This department operates through following units:
 a) Sketching and Crime Scene Inspection Unit: Sketching of crime scene and surroundings are collected through accurate documentation and interviewing of the available witnesses.
b)Photography Unit: The state of the art cameras (IR, UV, X-Ray, Digital, still and video) are valuable in collection of the original status of the crime scene for successful investigation.
c) Video recording and database Unit: Still and video cameras are routinely used to record the crime as it is being committed and hence this evidence can be displayed to the law en¬forcement officials and judges to gain better insight into the crimi¬nal activity in process.