Forensic Biology Department


This department provides instructions on the investigations of trace biological evidence, collection, packing and examination by utilizing different analytical techniques. Considerable amount of information is gained on methodological aspect by working with forensic DNA, its extraction from blood stains, saliva and semen and identification constituting a most valuable piece of evidence collected from crime scene and surroundings.
The department includes following units:
a) Analytical Serology Unit:
In this unit forensic identification is conducted using Elisa, FIP, Histochemical, Immunological  and blood grouping  as well as HLA sharing.
b) Hair and Dye Unit:
Here trace forensic differences in dye com¬po¬nents are identified. Examination of hair in minute detail exhibits presence of environmental contaminant and ex¬cretion of drugs of abuse and poisons.  The biological and chemical characteristics are also examined.
c) DNA Technology Unit:
This unit engages in study of forensic significance of DNA, employing PCR, STR and RFLP techniques.