Forensic Chemistry Department


This department's activities are divided into the following units:
a) Toxicology Unit: This unit deals with identification and analy¬sis of drugs of abuse in body fluids like blood, urine, saliva, sweat and hairs. The unit employs various isolation techniques and ad¬vanced instruments for both qualitative and quantitative analy¬sis.                                                           
b) Explosive and Fire Debris Unit:  The unit emphasizes on the trace evidences of residues left behind after head space, ex¬plosion incidences and fire debris
c) Paints, Inks, and Dyes Unit: This unit involves in extracting, analysing and identifying the residues of paints, inks and dyes in relation to their source of origin.
d) Advanced Analytical Instrument Unit : This is a special unit which  provides a theoretical basis through extensive class room lectures and laboratory exercises by operating, trouble shooting of most advanced instruments as required in any accred¬ited forensic sciences laboratory.