Physical Evidence Department


This department involves teaching various means of collection of trace evidence from crime scenes their examination, documentation, finger printing and tools marks identification.
The department is divided into the following unit:
a) Documentation and Examination Unit: In the unit students are made to examine the authenticity of documents which in¬cludes their characteristics, extracting information on composition including paper, ink, and hand¬writing features and typewriting scripts. Here advanced in¬struments like high magnifying microscopes, chromatography and mass spectrometry and routinely utilized.
b) Finger print Technology Unit: This important forensic tech¬nique is described in detail since no two individuals have iden¬tical finger prints. Gallen's Loop calculations, Core, Arch and ridge characteristics are highlighted. In this course several data base are described like AFIS & APS are described. Also importance of pres¬er-vation of impression liftings are emphasized for further in¬ves¬ti¬gative studies.
c) Ballistic and Tool marks Unit: Students learn the motion and impact of projectile such as range, trajectory or penetration power of fire bullets and ricochet patterns. Here extensive use of microscope, sketches, photography, and impression lifting are utilized.