The Arab Society for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (ASFSFM)




Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of academic and professional excellence across all disciplines of security sciences in the Arab world. The University has made great advances in the successful development and refinement of the knowledge and skills of Arab security personnel in these disciplines – and most importantly in the field of forensic sciences.    

As part of the University's responsibility to improve the academic and professional capabilities of Arab security personnel, the Arab Society for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (ASFSFM) was established.  

The Society unites the efforts and expertise of related security sectors and personnel to keep pace with the latest developments in forensic science and forensic medicine, and to deal with present-day challenges and future requirements in this vital field. The ASFSFM is a society which supports the different specializations of forensic sciences and forensic medicine, contributing to the advancement of research and training in these fields, and enabling Arab forensic experts to excel by providing them with the ideal platform for regional and international cooperation in their specializations.  

g and improving the standards of forensic science practice and research in the Arab world and holds conferences, symposiums, and workshops to facilitate the spread of knowledge and skills, both regionally and internationally.  


History of the Society

The credit of establishing ASFSFM goes to His Royal Highness the late Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah shower HIS mercy upon him), the former Crown Prince and Minister of Interior, and President of the Supreme Council at NAUSS, who always thought of professional academic body which could serve as a platform for Arab security scientists and specialists to share their knowledge, experiences and academic achievements at both regional and international levels.  

In November 2007 NAUSS organized and hosted The First International Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine Conference in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

​The scientific committee of the conference secured the endorsements and recommendations of the participants to form the Society and submitted them to the president of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.  In 2008, His Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz (May Allah have mercy upon him) chaired the meeting of Supreme Council of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences and granted the approval for the formation of the ASFSFM. His Royal Highness also pledged full support to establish and promote this society.  

On June 4th 2013, the Society had the honor to be officially launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, the Interior Minister, Honorary President of the Council of Arab Ministers of Interior and Chairman of the Supreme Council of NAUSS. As per the endorsements and recommendations of the participants of the 2007 Forensic Science Conference, the ASFSFM is based at the College of Forensic Sciences at NAUSS. Society members include specialists, experts and students in forensic sciences and forensic medicine in the public and private sector, as well as academics and relevant practitioners from all over the world. 

We are absolutely optimistic that under the sincere guidance and wise leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, the ASFSFM will flourish and emerge as a prestigious scientific organization of regional and international repute. 


Achieving leadership and excellence in forensic sciences and forensic medicine both on an Arab and international scale. ​


The establishment of a scientific base containing all specialists in the different sciences related to forensics and forensic medicine who can lead joint scientific work in these specializations.   ​

ASFSFM Objectives

The ASFSFM strives to achieve the following objectives:  

- Forming a distinct merge of all scientific and intellectual concepts and similarities among members of the Society.

- Sharing knowledge, professional skills and achievements in various disciplines of forensic sciences among forensic scientists from Arab countries as well as rest of the world through academic and professional activities (meetings, conferences, symposiums and workshops). 

- Offering academic and professional assistance to institutes, colleges, universities, law enforcement/planning agencies and other professional bodies to develop and improve programs and curricula related to forensic sciences, forensic medicine and security. 

- Inspiring and supporting basic, applied and problem-oriented scientific research in various fields of forensic sciences.

- Encouraging and promoting the use of a standardized methodology for forensic investigations among member organizations and institutions through the implementation of uniform policies and procedures, the accreditation of forensic science laboratories, and the certification of regional forensic science practitioners. 

- Enhancing and constantly developing procedures and techniques surrounding forensic science and improving the professionalism of scientists operating in the field of forensic sciences across the Arab world. 

- Publishing the Arab Journal for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine that comprises of topics and subjects reflecting different areas of forensic science and medicine, and releasing a bulletin on a quarterly basis for on-time delivery of scientific information and achievements.

- Encouraging the compilation, integration and sharing of scientific information and statistical data of forensic importance (DNA, Fingerprints, and Biometrics) in various fields of forensic sciences among member organizations and institutions. 

- Recognizing the scientific accomplishments and achievements of Arab forensic scientists through Appreciation and Recognition Awards.   

- Fostering friendship and cooperation among forensic scientists, institutions and forensic science associations both at regional and international levels.


Society Headquarters


 The ASFSFM headquarters are based at the following address 


Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) 

PO Box: 6830, Riyadh 11452, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Telephone: 00966112463444 / 1600  

Fax: 0096611246344 / 1601 


E-mail: asfsfm@ 


​The ASFSFM offers membership under the following different categories: 


Full Membership 

This type of membership can be acquired by those who have a postgraduate or higher qualification in a relevant field from a recognized university. Alternatively, applicants having a Bachelor’s degree may also be granted Full Membership provided they have testified experience in related areas for a period of no less than five years. The Full Membership fee is 150 Saudi Riyals (40 US Dollars) per year.  

Associate Membership:  

This type of membership is available to university graduates working in the fields of forensic science or forensic medicine who do not qualify for the Full Membership. Alternatively, applicants with undergraduate qualifications may also be considered for Associate Membership provided they have testified experience in related areas for a period of no less than 10 years. The Associate Membership fee is 100 Saudi Riyals (25 US Dollars) per year.  

Honorary Membership:  

This membership is granted free of charge by a process of nomination to those who have provided exceptional services and contributions to the cause of forensic science, forensic medicine and the ASFSFM.   



At present, the Society has over 139 members from different fields of forensic sciences and forensic medicine from 12 different countries. A considerable percentage of these members are academics possessing doctoral degrees in related specializations. 

Society Activities  

The ASFSFM strives to actualize its aims through organizing academic events that it holds in cooperation with the Society’s members, and institutions in the field of forensic science, education, health, and justice from all over the Arab and international world. Events include forums, meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops, and exhibitions. This is part of the Society’s strategy of providing non-specialists with knowledge of forensic science and forensic medicine, and raising the skills and knowledge of experts already working in these fields. 

ASFSFM Publications 

These publications will enable the Society to fulfill its aims and goals. The most important of these publications is the Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (AJFSFM). The Society will also publish a regular bulletin for Society members, and pamphlets and informative material to raise awareness of forensic sciences and forensic medicine. It also has future plans to publish books in forensic science and forensic medicine.  

Through these means, the Society aims to spread new and creative research by scientists in academic and practical aspects of forensic science and forensic medicine – which will lead to the enrichment and development of research in these fields. It also aims to strengthen academic relations between the Society and personnel working in forensic science and related institutions. 


ASFSFM Events  

The ASFSFM strives to provide the scientific community with the most up-to-date information related to its specialist fields with events, activities, and academic programs that achieve this purpose. It also strives to develop and strengthen academic research through active participation in conferences, symposiums, and academic forums which are at the forefront of its specialization and which are attended by experts from all over the Arab world. ​


Membership Application Form 

Personal Information: 

Title: ___________      Name: _____________________________________________________     Gender: _________________   

Date of birth: ________________________ Academic/Professional Qualifications:_________________________  

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Present Employment: 

Job title: ________________________    Specialty:  _______________________________________________________________ 

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Street: _____________________________  City: ______________________    Country: _________________________________ 

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Fax: ___________________________    E-mail: ________________________________ Web page: _______________________ 


  1. I certify that the information given above in this application is correct.  

  1. I agree to the society's terms and conditions and approve on the above aims, objectives and the all what the society stands for.  

  1. I allow ASFSFM to upload my Present Employment information on the society's web page. 

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