College Formation


Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has been providing training and conducting academic research in forensic sciences for almost 35 years. This is part of its belief in the importance of forensic science in the fight against crime and the importance of providing forensic security personnel with the latest knowledge and skills.

The Department of Forensic Laboratories at the University served Arab security sectors for almost a quarter of a century until, by the official decree of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, it became the College of Forensic Sciences in 2004.

This was a natural progression of the work of the University in forensic science teaching, research, and training and the new college was built upon this firmly grounded and lengthy experience. The College was supplied with the latest forensic technical equipment to facilitate teaching and research to the highest levels, and academic staff and research teams of the highest caliber and were chosen to lead and conduct its activities. Now, with more than a decade of experience in teaching and research as an independent college, it is at the forefront of forensic teaching and research in the Middle East.