The College Council


Dr. Hatim Abdulmunim Ahmed
​President - Dean
Dr. Ahmed Sa'd Jawhar​ ​Vice Dean
Dr Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed Rifat​​
​Head of Department of Forensic Biology
​Dr. Hatim Abdulmunim Ahmed ​Head of the Department of Forensic Chemistry
​Dr. Ahmed Sa'd Jawhar
​Head of the Department of Department of Physical Evidence​
​Prof. Sayyid Amin Amer
​Council Member
Dr. Ahmed Sha'ban Qassab
​Council​ Member
Dr Ahmed Abdulaziz Aljunubi
​Council Member
Dr Saeed Abdullah Alghamdi
​Council member
​Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Alyahya
​Council Member
​Dr. Safiya Abdulsalam Masudi
​​Council Member
​Dr Amani Abdulhakim Musa
Council Member