The College of Forensic Sciences


Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) strives to provide Arab security personnel with the latest skills and knowledge in forensic sciences. The College of Forensic Sciences provides training courses in varied areas of forensic science along with undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas.

In addition to these courses, the College provides two master's degree programs specializing in forensic toxicology and forensic DNA analysis.

This wide choice of courses serves to develop forensic experts involved in crime investigation at every level, both practical and academic. The College aims to provide graduates with a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the application of recent and advanced technologies for the analysis and evaluation of various types of evidence materials. It aims to produce high quality forensic scientists able to properly collect, preserve, analyze and interpret laboratory results and provide expert testimony in a court of law. Another important objective is to develop critical research skills among the students to meet new challenges in crime investigation.  

The College has well equipped laboratories and enjoys the use of the most up to date forensic and educational technologies in teaching and research.

As well as providing the above courses, the College is involved in the latest forensic research and regularly participates in related symposiums. It also publishes important research. Furthermore, the College provides vital forensic consultation services to official bodies involved in crime investigation.

The College has strong links with other universities and centers and aims to cooperate in exchanging knowledge and information.