Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) aims to establish integrative Arab security to create a high standard of security and prosperity in Arab societies. The university has given the subject of health security the attention it deserves both in the Arab world and internationally. Threats to health are not confined to one location; there must be international solidarity to promote health security. This is especially important after health threats have become more serious in a world characterized by a high frequency of mobility, economic independence and information interdependence. This has weakened the capabilities of countries to face these threats.

Health security contributes to a safer future for humans and the environment through the necessary activities that help to limit public health risks.
The aim of this conference is to raise awareness of the importance of health security, highlight international experience in this field, and enhance Arab cooperation. It also aims to identify new and emerging challenges to human health and safety by analyzing and preventing them. These aims will be achieved through the academic papers that will be presented by scientists and specialists from prestigious international and Arab institutions. They will also clarify their concepts and visions through the discussions at the conference. Papers will also be presented by specialists from competent health institutions and academic, judicial, and security-related communities. 
This health security conference is part of the university’s great concern for this subject. Through this event, NAUSS aims to enhance its approach to improve the performance of personnel working in the field of health security. The university also aims to strengthen cooperation between them as well as provide an opportunity to exchange experiences which can eliminate crime and harm in our countries.
I would like to welcome all the participants in this conference, and I wish them a pleasant stay. I would also like to express my hope that the conference will result in many fruitful recommendations.​


Dr. Abdulmajeed bin Abdullah Albunayan
President of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences ​