Conferences, workshops and lectures


The department oversees many conferences and workshops inside the university and participates in conferences held in different Arab countries.

The department also invites and makes use of international experts from outside of the Arab world.

Examples of conferences and workshops are the following:

-       Workshop for academic teaching staff entitled: Teaching Methods and Means of Curriculum Evaluation and Description According to Quality Standards. NAUSS campus, Riyadh.

-       Workshop in cooperation with the British Council entitled: Procedure Guidelines and Curriculum and Program Description. NAUSS campus, Riyadh.

-       Lecture for academic staff entitled: The Design of University Teaching According to Quality Standards. NAUSS campus, Riyadh. 

-       Conference on ensuring quality in higher education entitled: Means of External and Self Evaluation. Amman, Jordan.

-       Conference entitled: Quality and Accreditation in Arab Higher Education. The University of Cairo, Egypt.

-       Workshop entitled: New Directions in Business Management. Kuwait.

-       Conference entitled: Excellence in Higher Education. King Saud University, Riyadh.