-       To ensure that the university is working according to the guidelines and policies laid down by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is meeting its requirements.

-       Providing and overseeing informative literature, conferences and workshops to train and educate university students and employees in achieving the best standards in their study and work.

-       Adhering to the aims and mission of NAUSS within the process of helping to achieve academic excellence.

-       Gathering information from graduates’ experiences at NAUSS in order to further facilitate and improve quality.

-       Preparing specialist tools to perform detailed surveys, enable accurate and effective evaluation and create information databases to be used in achieving department aims.

-       To review and follow up university activities and the collection of vital data.

-       Preparing strategies for development, effective change and the most effective utilization of university resources to achieve the highest levels of excellence. 

-       Providing accurate information about the latest developments in quality and academic accreditation and providing an insight into the knowledge and experiences of regional and international associations and experts in this field.

-       Preparing the annual report on university activities in the light of quality standards.