The Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation


Providing the highest quality academic and training programs at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is a central aim of the university. It is this ethos, and the efforts in adhering to it, that has seen NAUSS prosper and develop over the last 30 years to become a leading university of security sciences.

The Department of Quality and Academic Accreditation was established to manage, implement and refine the processes of evaluation, development, training, education - and international and regional cooperation in improving the quality of NAUSS’s activities.

The ultimate goal for NAUSS is to raise the knowledge, skills and standards of its graduates and employees to the highest levels. This is essential in producing specialized security personnel able to effectively contribute to the fight against crime in all its forms. 

The department oversees these processes relating to both managerial aspects of higher education, and most importantly, areas of academia and training. This gives the department a high level of responsibility in developing every element of the university’s structure and its activities. The department is directly linked to the board of directors at NAUSS.

The department helps the various colleges, departments and centers at the university in developing their work, programs and curricula through effective self evaluation and helps in formulating future strategies for improvement. It helps to provide training for teaching and managerial staff in the form of university workshops, training courses, informative literature and regional conferences.

This enables staff to be aware of, and strive to implement and reach, the highest standards of teaching and practice as outlined by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA); this commission is part of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.