​​​​​There are a number of facilities at NAUSS that serve its students, visitors, and staff. These include the following:

The Department of Safety and Security

The Department of Safety and Security at NAUSS is one of the most important departments at the university. It has the vital task of protecting the university's buildings and making sure its students, staff, and guests enjoy a safe and secure environment in which to conduct their studies and work. ​

The Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic provides medical services to students, staff, and guests. There is also a mechanism for transferring more serious cases to approved hospitals.  

 The clinic has three sections:

- The Medical Clinic

- The Department for First Aid

- The Pharmacy

The Social Club

The Social Club is a relaxing place where students and staff may socialize or study. It has a number of services including the cafeteria, restaurant, a small shop, and a barber shop. Various social functions are held in the Social Club, which also includes a large traditional Arabic tent for guests to enjoy.

The Sports Club

The sports club at NAUSS provides all of the necessary facilities for students, guests, and staff to relax and exercise. It has a number of facilities such as an indoor sports hall, gyms, a larger swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room and an area for socializing. There is also an outdoor ​sports field.