Media Affairs



Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, as a specialist institute of education, realizes the importance of media and its major role in the age of information and globalization. For this reason, the Media Affairs Administration was established with the aim of shedding light on the activities of the University through Arab and foreign forms of audio and visual media – as well as forms of social media and strengthening relations with other media based institutions, enriching knowledge of security through the media and actualizing the concept of “Media Security" and dealing with the latest security issues and developments.

NAUSS is proud to be the first to create the concept of security media, which the university works to strengthen and spread according to a balanced and objective media methodology.   

It also aims to spread a greater awareness of security and enrich society's knowledge of important security concepts and issues. It strives to propagate the concept of security media which helps bridge the gap between the public and security personnel successfully. 

The University created a diploma and a master's degree in security media in the College of Social and Administrative Sciences. These programs aim to graduate specialists who are qualified to use media to successfully implement prevention and awareness raising policies and successfully communicate through the various forms of media to achieve their goals. 

 The Media Affairs Administration has the responsibility of covering of all of the University's activities, academic events, official visits, and participation in events outside of the University. This is part of its realization of the importance of spreading a message of security to all members of society. 

 The establishment of the Media Affairs Administration at the university was an affirmation of the importance of media and the embodiment of its role in highlighting the academic and scientific activities of the university and serving its mission and objectives. This is especially important in this era, which is the era of media, information, communication and social development.

Therefore, it is imperative to extend and develop lines of communication and bridges of cooperation and integration between education and media and between both sectors and security.

​ Aims ​

- Shedding light on the activities of the University through different audio and visual Arab and foreign forms of media.

- Strengthening relations with media institutions in Arab countries and exchanging visits in order to actualize the aims of the University.

- Contributing to the spread of security media as an important concept which serves the public and security sectors.

- Enriching society's knowledge of all of the different dimensions of security through different forms of media.

- Representing the University in media affairs (symposiums, conferences etc.) and security exhibitions.

- Coordinating the organization of forums and participation by academic staff at the University at events though different forms of media. 

- Producing the different prospectuses which give information about the University and its activities. 

- Organizing security exhibitions both inside and outside the University.

- Publishing the regular media reports that relate to the University. 


- The Department of Editing and ​Journalism

- The Department of Broadcasting and Television

- The Department of Media Exhibition Units

- The Department of Gift and Subscription Units