Public Relations


​​​​The Public Relations Administration was formed in 1980 with the aim of helping and supporting all of the University's activities and strengthening links between the University and Arab security sectors. It also aims to highlight the good image of the University and its important role and to provide information about its activities and different departments. It also facilitates procedures for participants in these activities. 


- Highlighting special occasions in Arab countries through media and preparing suitable programs for these occasions. 

- Highlighting the role of the University through celebrating official world and Arab days and weeks which support different good causes, such as the World Human Rights Day. 
- Highlighting the active role of the University through participating in national media campaigns which educate the public on the importance of security. 
- Coordinating visits by Arab and foreign diplomats to the University in support of academic cooperation 
- Receiving guests and delegations from outside of the University and organizing suitable programs during their visit 
- Participating in the preparation of the University's academic activities and overseeing media coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies of important events. 
- Facilitating the affairs of attendees at the various programs held at the University. 


- Ceremonies Unit
- Visits Unit
- Gift Unit
- University Activities​ Unit​​