Naif University Publishing House


​Naif Arab University for Security Sciences gives a great deal of importance to the publishing of academic work. The Publishing House oversees the process of publishing academic studies and research conducted as part of the University’s activities. The Publishing house is also responsible for the distribution of these published materials.  The University has produced more than 600​ scholarly publications to date, some of which are written in English and French. The Publishing House also oversees the various documents, newsletters, magazines, academic journals, prospectuses, and brochures produced at the University. It also represents the University at various regional and international book fairs.


-​ The Department for Finance and Marketing

- The Department of Proofreading

- The Department of Translation

- The Gift Department 


The Publishing House has the following important aims:

- Highlighting the importance of academic publishing in the University and motivating writers and authors to publish their academic work enabling it to reach all levels of society.

- Working on the quality of academic publications produced at the University.

- Opening up ​new horizons in publishing, especially electronic publishing.

- Providing a place where academic staff at the University can publish their work and share ideas to enrich knowledge.

- Highlighting the achievements of the University in academic publishing on a regional and international scale.

- Publishing according to modern academic standards and regulations which are up to date with the latest developments.

- Enriching academic knowledge in its different dimensions.

- ​Strengthening relations with related institutions. 



Dar Al-Fajr for Publishing and Distribution, Cairo

Tel: 26246252

Fax: 26246265

Mob: 0122103482  



Dar Ibn Alnadeem for Publishing and Distribution

PO Box: 357 Zarbani Muhammad Alsaniya

Oran, Algeria

Fax: 0021341359788

Tel: 00213661207603