Academic Council


The Academic Council Article 22 of the University regulations states the following:
The University has an academic council which oversees all of its academic, teaching-related, and research-related affairs. According to article 23 of the University’s regulations, the President of the University selects the members of the Academic Council from the University’s academic staff and experts who assume their roles in the Council for a period of three years, subject to renewal. This article also states that half of the members of the council must hold the academic rank of Professor or associate Professor, and those members who hold military ranks must be Major Generals.
The Academic Council looks at issues related to its work, including the following: (Article 24)

  1. Deciding on the promotion of academic staff at the University prior to being approved by the University Council.
  2. Academic qualifications that are presented by the different academic staff.
  3. Deciding on requests for sabbaticals and secondments for members of the academic staff.
  4. Approving the course specifications and modifying them based on suggesstions from the various departmental councils and the approval of the college councils.
  5. Supporting academic relations between the University and other universities, academic and training institutions, and centers of research and strategic studies.
  6. Agreeing to publish research, books, theses, and the translation of material suggessted by the college councils.
  7. Approving training packages prepared by various sections of the University.
  8. Overseeing academic courses held at the University.
  9. Deciding on requests to enable academics from outside of the University to spend their sabbatical at NAUSS.
  10. Laying down the standards for the accreditation of academic journals with a view to granting promotions.
  11. Looking into issues by request of the President of the University.