Aims and Tasks



  1. To follow up the evaluation of the study plans and curriculums in the University, ensuring they keep pace with its mission and aims
  2. To perform quantitative and qualitative expansion of security science programs and other related sciences in line with the strategy of the University
  3. To improve the level of services provided for students, administrative staff and academic staff
  4. To follow up related sections of the University to ensure they are applying the deputyship’s regulations practically and in spirit
  5. To strengthen the team spirit among staff, students, and academics through creating a good environment which enables them to fulfil their rights and duties properly justly, equally, and loyally.


  1. Following up the work of the University’s colleges, centers, and administrative departments connected to the deputyship and directing them to actualize their goals.
  2. Suggesting development programs and projects for all colleges and centers in the University.
  3. Working to improve performance and raising the efficiency of production in all of the bodies related to the deputyship.
  4. Carrying out research which aids development and training for members of the deputyship.
  5. Helping the colleges, administrations, and departments that are related to the deputyship to create a suitable academic environment.
  6. Finding academic solutions which strengthen academia and education in the University.
  7. Employing modern technology which suits the nature of the University and its aspirations.
  8. Working to unify the administrative procedures in the University's colleges and make them integrated.
  9. Encouraging students to develop their academic and practical skills and abilities.
  10. Holding meetings during the academic year with students and academic staff at the University to gain input about any problems and obstacles faced by them and how to solve them.
  11. Preparing annual reports for administrative bodies related to the deputyship and presenting them to the President of the University.