Academic Deputyship


The Academic Deputyship is one of the most important pillars of the University. With support from the President of the University, the deputyship works to actualize the scientific and academic requirements of the University by providing directives for all of its activities. It is also a main reference for the basis of these activities.
Since it was established in 2013, the deputyship has monitored and followed up the work of the colleges, centers, and administrations linked to it. It strives to improve academic performance and raise levels of efficiency through research and studies that serve aspects of development and academic training for employees at NAUSS.
It also works to support colleges, administrations, and academic departments to create a suitable environment for academic activities. This is in addition to providing practical solutions to problems facing teaching at the University. The deputyship also encourages students to develop their practical and academic abilities and skills.
The deputyship concentrates on actualizing excellence in teaching and learning and on developing mechanisms for improving the outputs of the educational process according to quality standards that are reflected in local, regional, and international practices and experience.